Jackson Beauty Academy

About Us

Jackson Beauty Academy

Jackson Beauty Academy in Jackson, Michigan is a licensed school through the Michigan State Board of Cosmetology Schools Association. This is a privately owned school operated by Kyung (Kim) Hui Sheridan.

Education Objectives

Jackson Beauty Academy specialized in its curriculum to meet the needs of students who are job and career oriented. Our diploma-based courses are particularly directed towards helping students develop career skills, desirable habits and attitudes with respect to health, sanitation, and safety. The school helps students develop advanced technical, business, people skills, and encourage self-reliance and readiness to assist others and an ethical approach to this profession.

Admission Requirements

A person for admission who is in a good physical and mental condition must have a high school diploma or GED and has proof that he/she is at least 17 years of age. 


The cosmetology course trains students in the theory and practical aspects of cosmetology. The goal is to prepare students for immediate employment opportunities.  Special emphases is placed on enhancing technical skills with practical communication and people skills. This course covers hairdressing, hair coloring, facials, make up, and artificial nails. Cosmetology requires 1,500 clock Hours of required Training.



The purpose of the nail technician course is to train students in the theory and practical skills necessary to prepare them for employment opportunities as licensed manicurists. The course is designed to instill desirable work habits and a positive attitude toward the manicuring trade. Technical skills are complimented with training in practice of communication and people skills. Emphasis is placed in ethical business practices throughout the Manicuring Course. The students who will be trained in manicures, pedicures, application of artificial nails, nail polish, nail art, and reflexology. 400 clock hours of required training.

Cosmetology Instructor:

The purpose of the cosmetology instructor course is to train students to teach the theory and practice of cosmetology and then prepare them for employment. The course emphasized the development of desirable work habits and attitudes and how to communicate them to the students. Student instructors are directed towards handling of their students the clinic clients with the highest standards of personal and business ethics. The students’ instructor will learn how to effectively use teaching aids in the classroom, teach theory and practical, prepare students to pass the State Board Examination, and help the students to develop good personal and professional qualities.


Graduation Requirements

A student who has successfully completed a prescribed course of study will be recommended by the faculty for a diploma and will be eligible to take the State Board Exam upon completing the following:

«  Complete all necessary hours for a prescribed course of study.

«  Pass all written and practical exams with a score of 85% or higher.

«  Pass all of the Final Exams with a score of 85% or higher.

«  Pay all charges due to the school within 30 days of graduation.